Jobs for People with Disabilities


Jobs for People with Disabilities in Colorado Springs

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center offers a wide variety of services for persons with disabilities including the following:
  • Fully-equipped computers with adaptive technology
  • Training opportunities for eligible persons
  • Accommodations for services

Computers with Adaptive Technology

PPWFC has computers available with several programs and hardware for use by persons with disabilities. Software and hardware available include: 

  • Screen reading software (JAWS for Windows)
  • Screen magnification software (MAGIC)
  • Voice recognition software (Dragon Naturally Speaking)
  • Scan and read software (Open Book)
  • Access to internet, word processing, phones, copy machines and scanners
  • Fully adjustable work station

Please note that some of the software may require previous training and/or experience.

Training Opportunities

PPWFC offers several training opportunities for unemployed or underemployed job seekers via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for in-demand occupations. For more information visit the Training Opportunities page or call 719.667.3700.

Accommodations for Services

PPWFC can offer many accommodations for use of our services by persons with disabilities. These services include: 

  • Interpreter services by request
  • Information in alternative formats by request
  • Access to a TTY device